Apartamentos Estrella del Norte


Menu Combo 1: Garlic Prawns-Chicken Soup-Pepper Steak-Red Win-Flan
For openings, the Grilled Prawns are appetizers in the truest sense of the word. The fresh mini prawns are sauteed in a delectable butter and garlic sauce with that home-cooked yet gourmet feel that Estrella Del Norte strives to provide in all its comforts. Small enough to keep your palate light, yet tasty enough to get your juices flowing, every piece of this plate is exquisite. You will surely want to soak the sauce up with bread, or put on anything you may subsequently order—is there anything more succulent than optimally developed garlic and butter?
For a soup, how about the chicken, a rich and healthy broth informed by pieces of fresh chicken cooked to perfect flavor—not too watery, not too brothy. This can keep you healthy and replenish you for or after your trek up Mount Taideh. Or, it can just stoke you with some vital minerals after an ascent into town for shopping and stroll.
For an entree, could our first suggestion be anything other than a steak? The beef sirloin steak is a perfect lean yet full cut that will be cooked to the exact degree that you specify to Naomi. She knows the difference between rare, medium, and well, and will never rush the plate. The steaks all come with a choice of a staggering array of sauces, including orange, lemon, pineapple, apple, mushroom, avocado, green pepper, red roast pepper, or Roquefort. For the sirloin cut, we recommend the green pepper sauce, a subtle and tangy creme-based taste enhancement. A generous carafe of lovely fresh local red wine is the perfect complement.
After you have reached the nirvana of the nurturing dinner offerings, a plate of the incredible caramel pudding is a must. We all know and love the classic Spanish desert: at the base of this magical mountain, you can taste the freshness in the flan, supported by equally fresh and unexpected scoops of whip cream and ice cream.
After this filling, healthy combo, you will feel so relaxed and satisfied that you should fall into a deep, heavy sleep that will find you refreshed and relaxed the next morning.

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